• Free Initial Consultation and Conversation : where you are at within your wellness of your feminine cycle , what is up for you physically and emotionally around your cycle , what are some stand out intentions you want to meet and where are you feeling a larger disconnect with your feminine self. 

  • We will follow up to dive deeper: into your health history , into your emotional rhythms, and into what feels imbalanced. I will listen to when you feel crazy and bloated during your cycle or when you feel sadness and anger. Together we will unravel YOUR relationship to your cycle. You will be given knowledge - from what foods to eat, to what herbs and supplements can support your body, and access to practices to keep you tuned into your body. You will learn exactly what is going on during your cycle and how you can use this knowledge to feel more focused, more at ease, sexier and on point. All of this will move you out of overwhelm and into a place of power. 

  • You will receive a unique protocol for YOUR bio-individuality including:
    • Functional nutrition for women's needs ; specific foods to optimize hormone balance and vitality.
    • Suggested lab tests for specific systems of your body.
    • Specific herbal and nutrient protocol designed for your female body. 
    • Suggested practices and rituals to bridge the gap between your physical and emotional body and connect with your feminine self.
    • Abundant knowledge for more awareness on the physiology of your menstrual cycle.
    • Tools to inspire growth, change, and connection to your feminine rhythms and authentic self.