Throughout your monthly cycle, do you physically and emotionally experience :

  • painful periods?
  • inconsistent, missed, or absent periods?
  • random spotting throughout your cycle?
  • uncomfortable weight gain and bloating?
  • uncontrollable cravings for unhealthy foods?
  • decreased energy?
  • decreased sex drive?
  • roller coaster of up and down emotions?
  • gloominess and anxiety?
  • unable to think clearly?
  • disconnected to self?

Throughout your monthly cycle, are there deeper parts of you that experience:

  • need for perfection and get "it" all done?
  • overall disconnect to your feminine essence?
  • desire to feel more comfortable in your skin?
  • craving more guidance and support around channeling your emotions each month?
  • darker shadows of old wounds , sadness , and shame?
  • curiousity to dive deeper into wounds, shadows and inner voice?
  • desire to learn exquisite self-care?

If this sounds true to you, I am here to support and inspire you along your journey.

All women , at all ages, experience a variety of uncomfortable physical and emotional sensations in their body throughout their monthly cycle and throughout her phases of life as a woman. Some , and often many, of these experiences in the body make it quite difficult to function in their outer and inner landscape and world. Unfortunately, our culture see these sensations as symptoms of a "syndrome." We have been taught to deal the with pain , suppress challenging emotions, move on, and keep being an outward participant in society. A container, ritual, or rite of passage for women to align with their natural cycles has sadly been replaced with a pill that "normalizes" our cycles to what fits in a linear, masculine society.

Becoming in partnership with your body and re-learning to be deeply in tune with our feminine rhythm and cycles , can unlock more energy, grace, creativity, desire, and wisdom. Through knowledge about what is EXACTLY is  going on with your cycle and hormones, detailed protocols , designed specifically for your feminine bio-individuality, and a greater awareness and knowledge on how to tap into your wisdom and feminine blueprint of your feminine cycles, I have confidence you will have the keys to unlock these doors of your wellness and your wisdom.