• Why don’t I have as much energy as I did last week?
  • Why can’t I fit into my jeans I fit into just yesterday?
  • Why aren’t I sleeping well?
  • Why is my partner getting on my nerves lately?
  • Why can’t I think clearly?
  • Why can’t I accomplish what I want this week?
  • Why do I feel crazy?
  • Why do I feel like a completely different person as I did last week?


If once a month you ask yourself any of these questions, then welcome to being a woman. This is who we are. Multi-layered beings, with physical and emotional up and downs. We feel like super-goddess heroines one day and the next day we wake up feeling defeated by everything “out there.” We either feel ready to accomplish all of our goals within a day or we feel only one task is all we can handle within a day. This is because we are not linear beings. We have hips, breasts, needs, and emotions. And this does NOT make us crazy. This makes us beautifully feminine.

Moving through all of the emotions and physical manifestations within a month can be tricky, difficult, and can leave us feeling defeated. I speak a lot about the cultural paradigm we , as a culture, are still working within. It’s an old paradigm, but it's thick with support. Women have generally been taught to suppress all such emotions as anger, sadness, or discomfort. Push through it in order to get through the day or month , is what we know. It’s the sort of “support” that fits appropriately into what may work for the masculine. Not to say that women have not come along way, but when our menstrual cycles become something that can literally feel like “it” is taking over our life and the tools and awareness on how to approach our discomfort can feel obsolete in the workplace, within our families or within in larger social containers.


I am not here to keep singing the song that we are not supported and it’s “their” fault . I of course want to shine light on this paradigm we are still in order to weave in why we may struggle to feel like it is not ok to be uncomfortable or slow down during our cycles. However, I prefer to shine even more light on empowering myself , and other women, with the awareness of what is actually going on during our cycles when we do feel imbalanced.


There are SO MANY  tools we can gather to become more in tune and more stoked about our cycles. Yes, I do believe it , and see it with the women I work with, that we can be stoked about our cycles. We do not have to white knuckle grip our way through each month. We can actually do just the opposite and let go into it our cycles. Our part is simply learning about our cycles.


  • Learning about the different phases, the beginning the middle and the end and what is actually happening within your body during these phases.
  • Learning about which hormones , and when this happens , make us feel like super goddess slaying it like Beyonce:)
  • Learning about why our PMS can be so hard sometimes and what we can do to feel more ease during this time of the month.
  • Learning about the many tools available to have balanced energy, clear thinking, and stable moods.
  • And most importantly...learning about leaning into to your feminine self , with all she has to offer and all of her entirety.


All of this learning is your power. I always say, knowledge is power. Becoming curious about your curiousity as to what is happening within your body as a woman. Lean in closer to the parts of you that feel crazy or out of sync during the month. Using our cycle as a barometer of physical , emotional, and spiritual health. Trusting the gift of our cycles as a blueprint for what, why, when, and how within our cycles. It is about trusting the sweet and potent medicine of feminine intuition and granting more space for YOU and how you DESIRE to feel each month. Our cycle carries the code for working with and through all the obstacles and desires you have as a woman. Our job is to simply show up.


My passion is to support women who want to show up in order to align with their cycles. My part is offering you tools to get you out of discomfort and overwhelm and into more ease and alignment on how you want to feel throughout the month. I personally have journeyed down the road of balancing my hormones and I am aware of what it feels like to feel out of sync . I use the same tools and knowledge I offer you to feel more aligned with myself. I find this commitment to self to reveal the most potent wisdom and is the most certainly the most rewarding investment I can make as a woman.


For the next 10 days I am offering FREE 30 minute discovery sessions to support your curiosity and desires on how you want to feel each month. This session is for you.

This is a chance to talk about your physical and emotional challenges which leave you feeling overwhelmed each month. This is also a chance for us unpack some this discomfort and get into a space of more ease and empowerment. The first step to becoming more aligned with your cycle and feeling the way you want to feel is learning how to partner with your cycle and ultimately yourself. I am here to support you on this path and share with you all the keys to unlock your doors to your own personal health, power and wisdom.
Looking forward to supporting you.