"I genuinely credit Erin for giving me the support and knowledge that allowed me to get off birth control and have a sustainable life around my monthly cycle. She has single-handedly improved my nutrition, reduced the pain that I feel every month significantly, and continues to show up for me with a generous spirit. I used to be on bed rest every month for at least one day due to the severe pain and symptoms of the period I had which led me to taking birth control for about 10 years. Within a few months, everything changed and I now find myself feeling more capable and proud of being a woman. I have so much gratitude for this woman and her willingness to support me and countless others. She is a wealth of information and has a gift at healing." Kerensia Kochran

"After taking one of Erin's workshops on moon wisdom, which I did not even understand before i participated, I was so intrigued to learn more about my body. After working with Erin I not only had cycles that were painless and easy, but I looked forward to accessing my power each month when I got my period. I truly feel like a different woman after working with her." Michelle Bowen

"Before meeting Erin I saw my period as an inconveinence and did not look forward to my period each month. With her help, I was not only given tools to work with and help change the challenging physical parts of my period, but I also was given so much wisdom on my cycles. I now see my cycle as sacred, gain power from it and actually look forward to each month! A true gift to work with Erin." Allison Farkas


"Yes!!! This knowledge needs to reach every woman in the world. The population of the earth can thrive knowing this valuable information! Life changing."

"I completed this course with a desire for a deeper understanding of my personal cycle and with the desire to spread this info to basically everyone I know. Regardless if they want to hear it or not. lol This information needs to be spread, Women need this information on so many levels. I quite coffee ( and caffeine for the most part ) after the first class. Something my intuition was telling me to do for a while. In combination with an ayurveda class i'm taking this was the catalyst to nix coffee. I have a better understanding of why I feel certain ways throughout the different stages. And on a spiritual level I feel like I have the wisdom to shift my perception around my period to a more sacred one and to really honor it as a blessing. A birthing, a cleansing, a gift."