It's possible that you are reading these two words- creativity  + PMS - and are thinking " what the heck is she talking about? Im NOT creative and when I am PMS'ing the last thing I want to do is even pretend I am creative!"  If you are , you are not alone and I understand why you may feel these two words could not be anymore opposite. We have been supported mostly in the ways of thinking creativity is only for "artists" and if you can't paint, draw, or play music, then pack your bags and get out of the art room. We have also, in a HUGE way, have only been told, that PMS is horrible, something to be shameful about, and get over it. Well, newsflash, it's 2016, and I am here to tell you otherwise. 

Creativity and our pre menstrual phase are one within the other, each lending support and wisdom into the other. If we become aware, have knowledge, and shift our perception - and the paradigm- of what these two words mean to us as women, then we can use our creativity within and around us, to access the tools to ease our PMS and shift it into a place of...yes, POWER

Here is why and how.....

  •  To Create- "to bring into existence, to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior, or  to produce through imaginative skill." If we look at these definitions, we can step back and see WE, in human flesh and form, existed from creation- Adam and Eve, the moon and stars, energy transpiring before thoughts, sperm and egg. We are not separate from creation or creativity as women. We hold the gift, each month, to create the ultimate work of art, another human. Our cycles are a mirrored reflection of creation , of death and re-birth. The creative energy within us builds and flows each month , with the energy of the moon and the communication of our hormones. We reach the peak of our creative juices at mid point of our cycle, ushering us into the next phase of our cycle, thinning the veil between thought and emotion. The key is to USE THIS CREATIVE JUICE to open us more into our intuitive , primal , wild, and receptive selves. Do THIS versus resisting with liner thought and action, suppressing creativity with feeling shame around feeling JUICY, or overriding any desires which may take up more space in thought and action. Pay close attention to what ever may feel, taste, smell, or sound like creativity to you. This is the juice you WANT to allow more space around your challenging “symptoms of PMS.” Your creativity is actually your anecdote to PMS. 
  • Being in a state of CREATIVITY has been shown to release more of the hormone called OXYTOCIN and OXYTOCIN allows us to feel softer, more nurturing, more cuddly, more loving. It changes our visual and mental perceptions allowing us to see the oneness of all things, the interconnectedness of all of us. Sounds like the exact opposite of wanting to climb under rock or have no tolerance for the sound or smell of your partner during PMS? There is a literal communication between our sex hormones that decreases our edgy, aggravated, "masculine hormone"-testosterone- and an increase in the softer, loving, more "feminine hormone"-oxytocin. This oxytocin hormone can be more likely to be released during the peak/mid way of our cycle ( STICK WITH ME TO LEARN WHEN THIS IS!) into our PMS phase of our cycle.  If we tune in and allow aspects of our creativity to come through, we can have a better chance of feeling more open in our hearts and less tension in our bodies, leading us to more ease during our PMS.
  • Creativity is EROTIC and EROTIC is more than SEX .....and SEX is not what we have been told as wrong or taboo. The Erotic is Creativity at its best. It is transformative, vital, enlightened, and IS Feminine Power. It is the lure of becoming your own you, flourishing, and it is at the front lines of our lives. Creativity is birthed from this eroticism of life, when sperm meets the egg and the masculine meets the feminine. Embracing our creativity brings back the erotic to its wholeness. By tapping into our creativity, via SEX (yes literally,) , and tapping into our erotic, we reconnect to the lost connection in our bodies and all of her sensations. We immediately get tapped back into the workings of our body, our hormonal communication, and the deep emotional intelligence of our body wisdom. When we have body awareness, intelligence, connection, and wisdom, we move beyond feeling overwhelmed and overtaken by our emotions and more in our purpose and power during PMS.


Be in nature.

Cook for yourself and others.


Orgasm through self pleasure or with your partner.



Move- run, walk, yoga, slither around like an animal.

Dress up for no other reason than to feel good.

Wear sexy underwear.

Draw, paint, write. 

Take an art class to draw, paint, or write.

Spend time with close friends.