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Why It's Important For A Woman to Know Her Body


Body Literacy. Sounds scientific, and maybe even complicated. Really, it is not. Body Literacy is , simply, listening to your body and knowing what it is saying to you. It means acquiring the tools to first listen and then decode the messages you are hearing. In a way, it is somewhat scientific because when you listen and then decode, you are gathering data.

Data about you and your body as a woman.

It is like a daily research project with yourself.

It is gathering and compiling the best kind of data you can have, information about you, all of you. A lifetime of information that will always come in use and always give you what you need.

As a woman, body literacy is the most important tool you can have for your vitality across the board. It gives you the power to decipher what is going on inside you. Women’s health is not a linear path, but  rather a cyclical one. Each week , our cycle provides a different set of outcomes and experiences. One day we feel we have the energy to cruise through our days , while the next day we feel like we may fall flat on our face. We have a constant ebb and flow of desire , focus, energy, and peace of mind. We have a tremendous amount of hormonal communication occurring within our bodies and many times, it can feel frustrating, confusing and extremely overwhelming. What we really want is relief and answers.

The answers for a woman lie directly in the relationship she has with herself and her menstrual cycle. 

Our menstrual cycle is a powerful system at play and the more we understand this system, the more empowered we can feel with our health and happiness. This is true for any woman , on any  day , at any stage of her life. The more a young woman can understand her new , and sometimes challenging, stage of puberty , the more equipped she can feel to the emotional and physical roller coaster. The better a woman,  in her 30’s, knows how to nourish her body for fertility, the more graceful her outcome will be on trying to conceive. And the more knowledge a woman has about her body as she enters into her peri and menopause stages , the stronger and more wise she will feel as she embraces her herself as a woman. All of these stages for a woman may have a unique shade of her own experience, but connected to each stage and each woman is her menstrual cycle. It is the thread that connects us all. 

Our cycle really is here for us to know more about ourselves so we can feel vital at any age.

I am passionate about teaching women about this body literacy. The body literacy which lies in the understanding of our menstrual cycle. If our cycle can give us the choice to birth a child, there MUST be some powerful information held within this blueprint. I am passionate about sharing information that will give the answers and reasons to why you most likely experience sometimes drastic changes throughout the month around your mood , energy, weight, and libido, as well as giving you insight to the different archetypes we embody within the month.

There is so much a woman deserves to know about her cycle and ultimately about herself. 

I am here to change the paradigm that we need our doctors to tell us how we are feeling or another pill to level us out. The more we understand our menstrual cycle, the more we understand what it means to be a woman.


This October I will be opening another round of the program designed to shift this paradigm and give you answers.

Answers, knowledge and wisdom you will use for the rest of your life.


If you want a peek at the course you can check it out here: 


If you are curious and want to know more, contact me with any questions : wellandwisewoman@gmail.com