Integrating Science and Spirit

Hi, Im Erin Fisher and I have been studying holistic healing for the past 13 years. My story illuminates the steps taken to arrive at my purpose to support and inspire women.

My passion lies in science and spirit. I have a deep fascination and understanding of our endrocrine system. The simple, yet profound, communication which occurs between our sex and stress hormones is a delicate dance which is in constant motion each month during our menstrual cycles . Through my own journey of hormonal imbalances , I was guided to study this powerful system within in my body. Once I understood this communication occuring within, I was able to unravel the coil between my mind and body and ultimately unravelling my personal power and purpose as a woman. I believe this knowledge leads us to the keys in which to unlock our feminine blueprint held within our cycles.

My richest and deepest wisdom is steeped in my own healing journey of balancing my hormones and the feminine. Within my own story of experiencing physical and emotional imbalances of my hormones, the ground work for my passion to work with women began. I began to understand these "imbalances" as guide posts towards recognizing the bigger lessons of becoming a woman. I now see the connection between being in partnership with my body and my rhythms, leads me to thrive in all areas of my life.  

Today I am inspired to provide a bridge between women's physical and emotional discomfort during their cycles, offering more tools and awareness on how our cycles are here for us , not against us, and inspire these doorways into our personal power.  My trajectory of my own personal practices , as a constant seeker of knowledge in womanly ways and wellness, and exploring my deeper connection to my own femininity , has , and will continue to be, the foundation for Wise and Well Woman. This organic connection amplifies my desire to share my story with other women, so I may hear their stories and continue the cycle of our personal and collective heroine's journey. 

My greatest teachers are my personal hardships, shadows and experiences , each bringing me closer to the power of intuition and my inner voice. These have divinely guided me to a richer and more authentic sense of self, as a woman. As I recently stepped into my 40's , I feel a potent alignment with self and with my purpose to support and inspire women through their journey towards balanced wellness and wisdom. 

My studies started over 13 years ago as I ventured down the path of holistic healing and attended Bauman College. I learned the foundation of healing through nutrition and received my state certified holistic nutrition consultant certificate. This was the platform from which I engulfed my self in studies of holistic health. For six years, I was a trainer and a representative with several herbal and nutrient supplement companies throughout California, where I learned the value of reputable formulas both Eastern and Western. I continued on my path and began working closely with individuals as one and one consultations , specifically working with women and hormonal balance. More and more passion grew when working with women and the desire to learn more specifics on the endrocrine system and the menstrual cycle. I enrolled in the Institute of Women's Health , a year long program, studying in detail women's health and coaching. Within the same year , I apprenticed with Nicole Jardim, a modern pioneer in women's menstrual cycles, where I was given even more knowledge on specific protocols for women's hormonal imbalances. Much of my personal work I access on a daily basis , to keep my aligned with my direction and the woman I want to be , is access to the invaluable tools of One Shift Immersion/Conscious Leadership. It was here where I learned coaching skills to take full responsibility for my life, moving out of fear and into love , and stepping into my genius. I am grateful to weave these coaching skills and practices into my own life, as well as with my clients. This where I arrive now, sharing my purpose with all women , so they may feel purpose, pleasure and power during their cycles. 



State Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant - Bauman College 

Women's Health Coach- Integrative Women's Health Institute 

FYP Apprenticeship- Nicole Jardim

One Shift Immersion-Conscious Leadership Coaching

250 E-RYT -Rolf Gates